The Fleming EMC

We are a next generation Nightlife Pioneer specialised into the Electronic Music industry.
Due to our extensive experience in the nightlife industry we are able to bring a whole new level of interaction for your brand and clients. One with real emotions and genuine engagement. One not to be forgotten that fast ..

The fleming is not your everyday marketing company, we do not like to put a label on things, so we won’t label ourselves.
Years of brainstorming and exploration went into creating The fleming, a company specifically developed to support the electronic music industry better in their marketing needs.

Our personal experience on the field provides us with insightful information about your customers in the nightlife industry, while we keep ourselves highly updated about anything that can enhance your brand experience. Fleming has a true passion for electronic music, we cooperate with the best in the industry and bring many decades of relevant experience to your business.


“Know your customers”, one of the best advices someone ever gave us. We know your customers very well, our combined experience and international network provides us with all the insight we need. Our open minded marketing team is specialised in creating highly targeted marketing strategies for your audience, a message your customers feel trusted and secure with. 

Our Skills

Our skill set is a unique combination that has been carefully selected for The fleming, a structure of hand in hand going features which improve your quality of life and the happiness of your customers.

Nightlife Marketing
Electronic Music Industry
Personal field experience
Marketing optimisation
Video Technologies



What do we have to offer?

We strongly believe that when you cooperate with passionate, experienced and dedicated experts, you can create real magic. New levels of experience for your clients will lead to positive company growth.


Only Specialist on the market

The fleming is developed with solution based services, our extensive research and market knowledge gave us the chance to create a company which is unique in the world. We go after one target market and are highly specialised in it, nightlife is our world and we know exactly how to make your business successful.


By being frequent nightlife enthusiasts, we have a very good understanding of how your customers think. In other words, we could be your customers, hence our great customer understanding, as we are one of them.


Gone are the days whereby data is not the number one most important factor during the development of a marketing campaign. People have become so selective and distracted that the right campaign consists of specific data used in order to attract the right customer at the right moment.


We are the next generation of free thinking marketers, which means not being restricted in any way during our search towards a solution. New generations require different thinking, our enthusiastic team exactly understands this. In order to evolve our business we have to evolve our thinking, something which is crucial in our fast paced digital lives.


Due to our unique approach towards nightlife management we are able to free up your valuable time and money. We do this by combining various trades of the nightlife industry under one roof. This not only improves communication between departments, but also improves your overal strategy.


During our lifetime we have build an extensive worldwide network of business relations. A network of valuable contacts in the nightlife industry ready to help you expand your business over the borders.

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